กก Beijing Chemical Industry Group Imp. & Exp. Co.


zhuag-5.jpg (7501 bytes)Beijing Beihua Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Beijing No.2 Chemical Plant
Beijing No.3 Chemical Plant
Beijing Coking and Chemical Works
Beijing Oxygen Plant
Beijing Organic Chemical Plant
Beijing Synthetic Fiber Experimental factory (Beijing Hualun Chemical Fiber Company  Limited)
Beijing Chemical Experimental Factory
Beijing Eastern Chemical Plant
Beijing Dyestuffs Factory
Beijing Red Lion Coating Co.
Beijing Chemical Machine Plant
Beijing Barrel Manufacture
Beijing No.1 Rubber Factory
Beijing No.2 Rubber Plant
Beijing No.4 Chemical Plant
Beijing No.6 Chemical Plant
Beijing No.7 Chemical Plant
Beijing No.2 Auxiliary Agent Plant
Beijing Chemical Equipment Plant
Beijing Municipod Chemical Contruction Materials Plant
\"zhuag-7.jpg Beijing Huanqiu Rubber Factory
Beijing No.5 Rubber Factory
Beijing Rubber & Plastic Factory
Beijing No.lO Rubber Plant
Beijing Chemical Industry Group Engineering Plastics Factory
Beijing Chemical Industry Group Supplying and Marketing Co.
Beijing Chemical Industry Group Sales Co.
Beijing Chemical Industry Group Imp & Exp.Co.
Beijing Chemical Industry Group Trading and Industrial Co.
Beijing Chemical Industry Group Funds Adjust Centre
Beijing Jinghua Certified Public Accountants Office
Beijing Jinghua Auditing Firm
Beijing Municipal Chemical Engineering Construction Company
Beijing Jinggong Real Estate Development Co. Chemical Industry Business Branch
Beijing Construction Engineering Qualitysupervision Service Center Chemical Engineering Quality
Beijing Chemical Industry Group Instrument & Meter Corp.
Beijing Chemical Industry Group Institute of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspection
Beijing Gaohua Chemical Technology Corp.
Beijing Huaxin Development Company
Beijing Municipal Chemical Industrial Research Institute
Beijing Municipal Rubber Products Design and Research Institute
Beijing Municipal Chemical Industry and Rubber Designing Institute
Beijing Municipal Chemical Reagent Research Institute
Beijing Chemical Industry Group Economic and Technical Information Research Institute
Beijing Chemical Industry Group Labour Service Company
Beijing Municipal Chemical Industrial Occupational Disease Hospital
Chemical Engineering College of Beijing Union University
The Staff and Workers University of Beijing Chemical Industry Group
Beijing Municipal Chemical Industrial School
Beijing Chemical Industry Group Technical Workers School
Shenzhen Beijing Chemical Industrial Company
Hainan Company of Beijing Chemial Industry Group


Beijing Huade Lining Material Industry Co., Ltd
Akzo-Red Lion Powedr Coatings Co., Ltd
Akzo-Red Lion Automotive Coatings Co., Ltd
Beijing Pairs Nency Cosmetic Co., Ltd
Beijing Eastern Rohm & Haas Co., Ltd
Beijing Patcus Shoe-Making Co., Ltd
Beijing Yantai Fibre Products Co., Ltd
Beijing Tongtai Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd
Beijing Guolian Chemicals Co., Ltd
Beijing Praxair, Inc.
Beijing Elf Atochem Polystab Co., Ltd
Beijing Reagent Latex Products Co., Ltd
Beijing Danling Fine Chemical Co., Ltd
Beijing Mekiss Shoes Co., Ltd

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